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NEW: Cook Uncapping Guard™

uncapping guard

The new Cook Uncapping Guard™ has been designed to make it safe to uncap honey containing frames using an upwards movement of the uncapping knife. It is also allows a better grip of the frame, making it easier to hold at an angle suitable for uncapping.

uncapping guard

If the knife slips it should hit the guard and prevent injuries to the hand holding the frame.
Designed to fit all types of frame, the guard is made of foodgrade plastic and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

The Cook Uncapping Guard™ is designed and produced entirely in England

Versotile™ Travel Screen – for moving your bees

travel screen for bees

A modified version of the Versotile™ is available that has additional ventilation which makes it perfect for use as a travel screen for moving hives containing bees or if additional ventilation is required during storage of supers.

Versotile™ Trolley – move your stacks of supers with ease

versotile trolley for beekeepers

The bespoke Versotile™ trolley comes with a Versotile™ in the base, and has been designed so that stacks of National supers can be stored using the minimum of space and be moved with ease around the extraction room or storage shed.

Each trolley has four castors (one of which is fitted with a foot operated brake) that can take a load of up to 250 kg/ 550 lb.
The Versotile™ trolley is constructed of steel and finished with a durable powder coating. Trolleys for any size of super can be constructed to order if dimensions are provided.

Langstroth trolley

Langstroth trolleys are usually held in stock, and folder aluminium trays can be supplied for the base.

The Versotile™ trolley is currently only available in blue but other colours can be produced to special request.

The price for other colours will be the same but there could be delays associated with supply of such special orders. Order a Versotile™ trolley with two Versotiles™ and get the second Versotile™ for just £10 extra.

Truly versotile

the versotil super cover for your bees

The Versotile™ has been designed to be strong, whilst light in weight and has a smooth interior face to facilitate cleaning. Apiary hygiene can be enhanced by wiping the Versotile™ clean (e.g. using diluted detergents, disinfectants or washing soda) between contact with different hives/colonies. The detailing on the top of the Versotile™ allows for location of ratchet straps, and prevents lateral movement of the boxes, during the movement of several supers. The lightweight nature of the product and lack of ventilation means that it is not suitable for use as a hive roof, although it could be used as a temporary cover for both National and Commercial brood boxes.